Digital Aquarium Screensaver


Convert your screen into a stunning aquarium



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Digital aquarium screensaver is a unique screensaver that will bring the underwater world to your computer screen.

Underwater world always catches the attention of everybody, we don't know why but it also transmits good sensations and Digital Aquarium Screensaver simulates it perfectly.

In fact it isn't only an screensaver, you can interact with it. Feed fishes to view them grow, touch water to view ripples, those fishes themselves will also create their own ripples too. It's exactly like a real aquarium you'll never have to clean.

Set the light intensity, the number of fishes and if you want saltwater or freshwater. Choose the background and enjoy a different and beautiful screensaver.

You'll have more than 25 different fishes including Demekin, Guppy, Blue Tang, Clownfish and more, 4 backgrounds and hours of fun while you protect your screen.

Finally, we have to say it doesn't consume a lot of resources, so it's perfect for any computer.

Demo version limited to 1 background and 5 different fishes.

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